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Getting started with Email Marketing in Minutes

You know you want to do some email marketing, but you are not sure where to start. For most beginners creating an email campaign sounds complicated, intimidating, and time-consuming. Besides, you’re too busy running your business to deal with such a thing, right? This is for you. Creating an email-marketing campaign isn’t as hard to put together as you might think. On this page we’ll walk you through the most important steps, ensuring you have know how to get started.

Follow these simple Steps for Creating HTML Email Campaigns

1. Create your Contact List
o Create a single mailing list or multiple ones
o Create as many custom fields as you like

2. Upload your Contacts
o Add them individually or upload them all in one go
o Built in suppression list o Unsubscribe or permanently delete contacts

3. Choose an HTML email template
o Select the style you want to use.
o You can even upload your own!

4. Add content and images
o Fill in the blanks with text and images
o Easily insert Anchor Links throughout your email linking back to your website
o Personalize each and every email you send

5. Customize each an every email to match your own look and feel
o Choose background colour and font type and size
o Online HTML editor lets you modify the selected email template in minutes

6. Select your contacts to receive your email
o One contact list or multiple contact lists.
o Create a new list based on previous results
o Grow your list virally by including the forward-to-a friend and subscribe now option

7. Preview and test your email campaign
o View your work in progress, send a test email prior to sending
o Check your spam score to ensure maximum delivery

8. Schedule delivery of your email campaign
o Immediately or for a later date and time

9. Newsletter Archive
o Save each and every email for future editing and re-use
o Publish them to your website – great for SEO!

10. Analyse the results
o See who has opened, clicked and more
o Unsubscribe and forward to a friend reporting

We hope this 10 step plan will help you successfully create your first email-marketing campaign lan for your business. If you have questions about the process please don’t hesitate to ask. Meanwhile, why don’t you look at all the great features we have on offer?

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