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Image Library

Image Library

Redbuttonmail’s Image and Document Hosting allows you to manage and control all aspects of your campaign from within your account. You won’t have to worry where all your images are kept, because they’ll be stored in the same account as your lists and your email creative.

Maintaining total control of your image and document library removes the worry of campaign-linked images being deleted from a third party website and becoming inaccessible to your email recipients.

Library section of your account enables you to:

o Upload Images – Upload your images in JPEG, PNG or GIF format before using it in your template.
o Host Images – Unlimited free image hosting space for use with both your emails and surveys.
o Image Search – Need to find your pictures? Simply use the search box or browse your library.
o Edit Images – Use the included editor to resize, crop, flip and rotate your images.

email image library

How do you upload an image to the Gallery?

To add an image to your Image Gallery, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Image Manager link from the Email Campaign menu.
  2. Click on BROWSE and find the image on your computer.
  3. Click on UPLOAD IMAGE.
  4. The image will appear in your gallery.

Tip: Some people will prefer hot-linking an image to and external website, but just be aware that if the website where the image resides is down, images will not show up on your email newsletter or survey.

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