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List Management and Building

Email List Management

Build and manage your email list for more effective email campaigns

At redbuttonmail we understand that the key to successful email marketing lies in the growth and management of your opt-in mailing list. Because we automate many of the laborious list management tasks needed to deploy an email campaign, you’ll find building and managing your email lists a breeze with us.

Build and grow your email list

o Our customizable subscription from lets you capture and collect relevant visitor data and email addresses from your website.
o Grow your list virally by adding a “subscribe now and “forward to a friend” link
o Now you can build multiple lists – each with its own focus and reach.

Import your email list

o Easily import email addresses from a spreadsheet or directly from Microsoft Outlook.
o Or you can use our API and XML channels for moving data

Manage your email list

o Create an unlimited number of email lists within your account.
o Collect and store any and all additional contact information you choose
o Manage your Email Marketing lists—add, delete, and update with ease
o Target your users by interest, behaviour, location and much more!


Anti-SPAM regulations are serious business. Redbuttonmail’s list management tools will safeguard your business’s reputation. Redbuttonmail is CAN-SPAM compliant – so your messages get through and you’re protected from abuse complaints. Special filters help to flag bounced emails and personalization increases response & delivery rates.

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