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Sending your Email

There are many similarities between creating and sending an e-mail message and that of writing a letter without a stamp. They are in fact pretty much the same, except for the fact that an e-mail is delivered almost instantly, and you can track it.

Successfully launch campaigns when and how you want!

Launch campaigns whenever you want! Schedule a campaign to go out right away, at a future time and date of your choosing, or at regular intervals even a year in advance, it all becomes possible with redbuttonmail.

What makes our platform so invaluable is the knowledge that you are able to automate an endless variety of follow-up emails based upon the actions recipients take. Actions such as automated welcome email, thank you for purchasing emails and so much more need no longer be a concern to you!

Schedule a send

With sending opportunities taking place 24/7 how can you go wrong?

o Advanced scheduling lets you be in control.
o Scalable sending ensures reliable delivery
o Send to multiple lists all at once
o Triggered sends
o Pause & Resume Sending
o Send Now or Later

Test your format

Ensure the email you send is the email they will see.

o HTML or txt or both formats you choose
o Our templates are tested for best rendering

No Duplicate Emails – Ever

You never have to worry about duplicate emails with Redbuttonmail. We guarantee you’ll never find a duplicate email address in your list.

Free, Built-In Spam Checking

Built-In Spam Checking

Your email is analyzed for known spam keywords and the spam report shows you exactly what needs to be changed, ensuring your email is delivered to as many of your subscriber’s inboxes (and not junk mail folder) as possible.

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