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Frequently Asked Questions

1) When is the best time to send out a newsletter?

The best time to send out a newsletter is usually on a Monday, Wednesday or a Thursday surprisingly! As for time of day, experience has taught us either at 9am, 11 am and then again 2pm as people are more than likely to check their mail at these times. The best thing for you to do is to study your audience, that way you will know when to send out newsletters.

2) How often should I send out newsletters?

It depends on your content and what your audience really want. So if you have a lot of content you might what to do send out your news letter twice a month or so if not weekly. All dependent on your schedule and content, you should consider the type of business or service you are offering too as some companies send out promotional mail every other day because of the nature of their products.

3) How long should a newsletter be?

It all depends on your content and audience but usually someone will look at your newsletter for just 20 seconds! The most important thing is getting your most important info on the top of the newsletter. By the time readers decide to put your newsletter aside they will at least have taken some important facts featured in the newsletter.

4) How do I make sure my email list grows?

You can do the following:

  • You can sign people up on your email list from your website. Your subscribers are more likely to be receptive to your newsletter as they’re the ones who initially wanted to receive it.
  • Social media is good platform to seek subscribers. You can easily attach a ‘Sign-Up to Newsletter’ short cut on your Facebook page. That way you have your social media followers as your email-subscribers too.
  • Incentive Subscriptions. Incentive Subscriptions are a good way in getting subscribers exited about reading your newsletter. You can perhaps offer a 10% discount on a product or give away a book for free if your an author to the first 100 subscriptions for instance.
  • Customers as Subscribers. Customers too can be subscribers, so once a customer makes a purchase you can ask them to easily subscribe to your newsletter.

5) How can I send out a newsletter that doesn’t seem spammy?

The best way to go about this is to offer your customers meaningful offers. What is meant by this is instead of pushing for subscribers to buy your product you can offer them insightful information such as trends, case studies or an interview with an opinion leader in the industry. You just have to be creative in the way you communicate with your customers.

6) How can I make sure subscribers read my newsletter?

Brand Recognition is the answer. In the subject line for instance you can put your company’s name and the theme of the newsletter .i.e. Father’s Day, Halloween etc… not forgetting your logo of cause! This will make your customers identify you more easily and be willing to read your newsletter instantly.

7) Is it true that social media is taking over email marketing?

With over 3.8 billion email accounts worldwide, overly doubling Facebook users at 1.1 billion, email marketing is far from the extinction phase. The average being receives about 64 mails a day while they receive 8 Facebook direct messages and even less direct tweets per day.

8) Do I need to know HTML in order for to create an email campaign?

No you don’t need to know HTML. All you have to do is upload your content on your custom designed template, its easy to do.

9) Can I use my existing email database with Redbuttonmail Email Marketer?

Yes, you can. You can either import your list via Excel or in .CSV format.

10) Can I use Redbuttonmail Email Marketer to manage the email marketing of more than one website?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is to create separate mailing lists for each website.

11) Which WYSIWYG HTML editor does this product use?

We use TinyMCE by Moxicode. It’s a great open source WYSIWYG HTML editor, which is extremely stable and reliable. It’s cross browser, XHTML compatible and has a whole host of great features.

12) I am a web designer. How can I offer Redbuttonmail Email Marketer to my clients?

Redbuttonmail Email Marketer was built from the ground up to help service providers such as small businesses, web designers, advertising / marketing agencies and many other types of businesses.

13) Can I have custom fields like First name, Last name, Address in my subscription forms?

Yes, Redbuttonmail Email Marketer has the capability of allowing you to create as many “Custom fields” as you require.

14) Is it possible to create personalized emails, e.g. ‘Dear Mr. XXX’ or ‘Dear Mrs. XXX’?

Absolutely yes, such personalized emails use what we refer to as “Custom Fields”. Custom fields can be created from the Contact List menu and users will be able to enter in data when they subscribe on your website.

15) Can I automatically send out emails at some pre-determined time?

Yes you can by using our email scheduling facility.

16) Can I automatically send out emails to a person once he has subscribed to a list?

Yes, such automated emails are referred to as Autoresponders. Redbuttonmail allows for the setup of an unlimited number of Autoresponders to a user signing up to your newsletters.

17) Can I have a subscription form on my clients web site, and still manage the account on Redbuttonmail?

Yes, Redbuttonmail allows you to have seamless integration with your client’s websites.

18 ) How many emails can Redbuttonmail send per hour?

This depends greatly on the amount of emails being sent at that time. We have conducted several sending tests, which averaged 1,000 emails per minute, not too bad we think!

19) Why should I choose Redbuttonmail over one of your competitors?

In a nutshell expertise, experience, optimized databases and indexing, and more.

20) Are all Redbuttonmail contact lists separate for my clients?

Yes. All of your clients contact lists, contacts, email templates and statistics are separate, you will be the only one that has access to this. We are passionate about privacy and none of your clients will ever see your other client’s private data.

21) Do you offer non-profit or educational organisation discounts?

We offer a 50% non-profit organization discount depending on the organizations line of work.

22) Can you customize this product for me?

Unfortunately, we do not provide custom development services.

23) Do you have any alternative payment methods of besides credit card or PayPal?

We accept both FTP and direct wire transfers. For more information regarding these forms of payment, please contact us.

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